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Sustainability at the Klarerhof

On theKlarerhofwill sinceSpring 2021an environmentally friendly, resource-saving and future-oriented system for the supply of electricity and heat. Both amounts of energy and energy costs are saved and fossil fuels are almost completely replaced. A groundbreaking step in how our common environment can be sustainably preserved for future generations!


The aim is to provide more than 90% of the electricity and heat required at the Klarerhof ourselves and to obtain it purely from the natural energy sources of sun and wood. In addition, the use of hydropower from the nearby Alpbach is in progress.


These renewable energies are made usable via photovoltaic systems, a combined heat and power plant (CHP), a wood chip heating system, several heat pumps and, in the future, a hydroelectric power plant. Buffer storage and battery systems make it possible to bridge the time between energy generation and consumption.

All components at the farm that generate or store energy or supply the buildings and systems with energy are intelligently networked and communicate in a farm-internal network.


For this purpose, theMaustronik GmbHdeveloped an individual energy management system. This system is flexible and can be adapted to any building configuration. A self-adapting and self-learning control ensures the optimal provision and distribution of electricity and heat to the respective consumption locations. As a result, energy losses are reduced to a minimum and the generation of energy is adapted to the respective requirements in a forward-looking and efficient manner.


The desire and need for a future-proof heat and power supply as well as independence from fossil heating oil was decisive for the conversion measures at the Klarerhof.


In the course of the project, in cooperation with the company Maustronik GmbH, further ideas and visions emerged, which, in addition to modernizing the holiday apartments, continue to pursue the goal of a meaningful combination of sustainability and profitability in other areas of the farm.


The following points provide an overview of the already implemented and planned sub-projects at the Klarerhof:

TheKlarerhoftakes on a pioneering role with this pilot project and thus proves the will and drive to switch to a future-oriented energy supply. With the construction of this comprehensive system for the management of electricity and heat, an illustrative model is also being created that clearly demonstrates the convincing combination of sustainability and economy. Forward-looking ideas on the subject of sustainable energy management can be shown and an incentive to think and imitate in the population can be created. Because good ideas have always found their way around the world and in these new times we are all strongly connected. For the necessary energy transition, one thing comes first:

Only by acting together can we preserve our homeland as we know and love it.



If you have any further questions about sustainability at our farm, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are interested in individual solutions for efficient energy management systems, we would like to refer you to Maustronik GmbH [HERE to Maustronik flyer]refer.

Your contact person in Upper Bavaria:


Manfred Engelsberger

Phone:0171 2600377


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